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    Everything You Need To Know About Vape Juice

    January 24, 2019

January 24, 2019

Everything You Need To Know About Vape Juice

Are you a new vaper in Calgary? Are you looking for the best vape juice but don’t know where to start?

There’s more to a juice than the flavor. To have the best experience, you need to know certain things, like the difference between PG and VG or how vape juice impacts your coils.

Read on for everything you need to know about juice and how to get the best flavors delivered to your door!

Ingredients In Vape Juice Vs. Ingredients In Cigarettes

You’ve probably heard that vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking, but do you know why? There are a few reasons, but the biggest is the ingredients.

Most vape juice contains a limited number of ingredients. In your juice, you’ll find propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, nicotine (if you choose to add it), and artificial flavoring. We’ll go into PG and VG below, but they both have limited, if any, negative health effects.

Some juices use Diketones, which are additives for buttery or creamy flavoring. This family of chemicals contains diacetyl, a common additive in popcorn. In the 1990s, researchers discovered that diacetyl caused broncholitis in people that work in popcorn factories. If you’ve heard of ‘popcorn lung’ this is where it comes from.

This sounds scary, but there are two things to remember. First, many vape juice makers stopped using diketones once they learned about the health effects. If you have any questions, you can contact your juice company and ask them if they use the products.

Second, you actually inhale far less of these chemicals vaping than you do smoking cigarettes. In a recent study, researchers found that smoking cigarettes resulted in the inhalation of 750 times more diacetyl than using vape juice.

Most studies about vape juice show that it doesn’t contain the harmful chemicals of tobacco cigarettes. Furthermore, the vape that the user exhales is much safer. In fact, another study using animals found that the air containing vapors with propylene glycol does no harm.

VG vs. PG

When choosing vape juices, there are two primary ingredients that influence your experience. The first is propylene glycol, and the second is vegetable glycerin. These two ingredients have different impacts on your juice that you need to know about.

Propylene glycol, or PG, is a flavoring carrier in foods and used in food colorings. The PG is what provides the vaper with a throat hit, the feeling that you get when smoking a cigarette. Smokers that vape to cut back and quit smoking tend to prefer juices with a higher concentration of PG, although this varies for everyone.

PG carries the juice’s flavor better than VG. Some people, particularly those that don’t smoke cigarettes, report that too much PG is a throat irritant. PG can cause some allergies, although it’s rare.

Vegetable glycerin, or VG, is a vegetable based liquid that’s both sweet and thick. It’s much thicker than PG and provides a smoother hit. VG gives off more vapor, so if you see someone with a cloud around their head, they’re using a juice that has a higher amount of it.

If you’re interested in doing tricks or want to simulate smoking without the throat hit, find juices with a higher VG to PG ratio. 70 VG / 30 PG works for most people, but you can experiment to find the perfect combination for you. That’s the best part of vaping; you aren’t constrained as you would be with cigarettes.

Studies have found that VG is harmless, but there are some people that report a dry mouth or a sore throat from using it.

Nicotine Levels

You have a wide range of options when you start vaping when it comes to nicotine. Here at Calgary Clouds, we offer everything from 1.5 mg to 24 mg of nicotine. What you choose depends on your taste and what you’re attempting to do.

If you’re trying to quit smoking, it’s best to start out at a higher nicotine level and then work your way down. This weans your body off of the substance while providing you with enough nicotine to keep you happy.

If you are new to vaping and have never smoked, you should either choose no nicotine or a very low level. No nicotine is the preferable choice, since it’s addictive and can lead to health problems like heart disease.

Nicotine in vape juice causes more of a throat hit, so the higher the amount the harsher the hit when you draw. This is an important consideration, as new vapers that aren’t smokers will want the flavor and a smoother draw. You can play around with nicotine levels to see what suits you. Feel free to experiment!


The flavors are what makes the juice. The best part of vaping is when you fill up your tank with a new flavor and discover something new and exciting. Imagine waking up in the morning and having the taste and aroma of coffee without having to get out of bed. Think of how awesome it is to enjoy the flavor of apple pie all day without the calories.

Being able to enjoy different experiences is part of what makes vaping so appealing to Canadians. You can create your dream flavor by mixing juices and experimenting, or you can stick with what you know.

Flavors come in every variety. If you have a sweet tooth, there are berry and candy flavors. Do you like sour? There are flavors that will pucker your lips.

Some people like deeper flavors, like coffee or banana cream pie. Others prefer a subtle approach and might choose a basic menthol or tobacco flavor. You could even have a breakfast, lunch, and dinner flavor! The choices are endless.

Enjoy Your Vape Juice Anywhere

Calgary is a great city, but let’s face it; nobody wants to go outside in the middle of January. It’s too cold to huddle outside of Big Smoke Burger for a cigarette.

Instead of freezing for some nicotine, pop into the restroom, take a few hits of your vape and go back to your double big burger. You can vape in your car and public places without smelling like smoke and assaulting other people’s airways.

Unlike smoking, vaping doesn’t rely on combustion. When you smoke, you’re burning the tobacco and paper it’s wrapped in. When you vape, you’re heating up the juice using the atomizer inside of your device. The juice becomes a vapor that you inhale. When you exhale, you’re breathing out water vapor instead of smoke, making the process safer than smoking around others.

Not everyone is okay with vaping inside of their stores, though. Some people don’t want large clouds around them while they’re trying to eat or walk through a business, and that’s alright. We need to respect that; if you’re in a restaurant that doesn’t allow vaping, pop into the bathroom or vape afterward in your car. While you’re doing so, make sure to take a moment to think of your fallen comrades forced to smoke outside in freezing temperatures.  

Coil Life

Coil life is another thing you’ll need to consider when choosing your juice. You’ll need to experiment a little with this.

Some vape juices cause your coils to burn out faster than others. The sweeter juices burn through coils faster than non-sweet varieties. Darker juices do the same because of their thickness.

The life of your coil depends on the device, coil, and your usage. It’s important to give your coil a break between puffs. Give yourself 20 seconds between hits to prolong the life of the coil. Priming your coil before you use it also extends its life. You should clean your coils to make sure that you experience the best flavor possible.

What Type Of Device Do You Have?

The type of device you have helps to determine the type of juice that’s best for you. For mouth to lung vaping, you’ll use lower heat. A thinner juice at 50% PG or higher delivers the best experience. You can use juice with a higher PG to VG ratio, but you might have more dry hits and burned cotton.

For sub-ohm tanks, thick and heavy liquids are okay. Sub-ohm vaping uses more heat and wider juice channels to saturate your wick. A high PG juice is able to withstand the heat and move through the channels.

Where You Get Your Juice Matters

Vape juice is like any other product in that where you get it from matters. Does the company you get your juice from mass produce it, or do they work in small batches and focus on quality? Do they have a history of producing amazing flavors?

At Calgary Cloud, we run our juices for a limited time, focusing on three flavors a month. This method ensures the quality of our products and guarantees you a unique experience with each vape.

If you order your juice by 9 pm and live in Calgary, you can get same day delivery! We make vaping in Calgary easy and enjoyable.


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